Looking for new ways to incorporate scrapbooking or just a reason to get your photos out of the box?

Scrapbooking basics take you through its history, tools, budgeting, organizing, photography and more. The beginner scrapbooker can start here.

The history of scrapbooking may help answer what is scrapbooking as well as why and how it came to be. As well as an art, scrapbooking was a method of preserving one’s genealogy. Scrapbooking on a budget is important and possible. Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby. Learn to use safe methods with different materials, but learn to include it through some scrapbooking basics of various budget scrapbooking ideas. Local shops may carry discount scrapbooking supplies. Warehouses for crafts and hobbies may do the same. Check out scrapbooking sales online and in your favorite scrapbooking stores.

The basics in scrapbooking are an important place to start when it comes to this craft. Everything from books on the subject to magazines on the latest trends is all good, but knowing what it takes to get started scrapbooking is a start. Talk to someone about what you would need in basic scrapbooking supplies and how they are used.

Start slow in accumulating what you need. Start out with a kit if that makes the process easier. Check out your local library for assistance as well as sites like these to learn what you need before you buy. Pick up some scrapbooking advice in ergonomic health.

Other subjects covered will be scrapbooking storage, scrapbook photography and scrapbooking organization. Understanding the art of scrapbooking pictures and the bigger picture of scrapbook photography will add other dimensions of richness and as such belongs in the area of scrapbooking basics.

Scrapbooking organization regards putting things in order so that when we want to practice our art, we don’t spend endless minutes just looking for the right tool, the right scrapbooking workspace, proper scrapbooking storage and more.

I will touch on what kind of scrapbooking tools, generally, you will want to start out with as well as what your choices are in albums for scrapbooking. In addition a common question among many will be addressed in finding time for scrapbooking. Finding time for scrapbooking takes making it a priority if it is something that matters to you. Consider these different ideas on how to make time for scrapbooking in your life.

Don't let the many choices and information out there overwhelm you. Let it guide you. Talk to those who know. Let others ideas inspire your own.

Some have criticized the obsession we have with scrapbooks, thinking it isn't important to go to those lengths to remember the important parts of our lives. First of all, many people value their experiences enough to remember them. Second, most of us do not have memories that don't need a jog from simply a picture but actually need that explanation we left ourselves there on the page.

Is time an issue? Maybe the reason for not finding the time is not the clock so much as priority. Learn how to make it a priority. Let's be masters of our time, not slaves of it. Realize you can't do everything all at once.

This website is about inspiration in the area of scrapbooking. Several topics in it's regard will continually be added as time goes on or as long as this website owner is still breathing.

Some pages will have sections allowing you to add your own thoughts and content as you feel inspired to do so. You are most welcome to do this. My contact page is also available if you have any questions. I promise to respond as quickly as possible.

Come on in and thank you for visiting. May Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired inspire you to become more involved in our scrapbooking world.

Scrapbooking Basics
Scrapbooking basics takes you through its history, tools, budgeting, organizing and more. The beginner scrapbooker can start here. Not a beginner? Sometimes going over the basics is a good reminder.
Archival Scrapbooking - The Acid Truth!
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Beginner Scrapbooking Embellishments
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Embellishments for Scrapbooking
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Seasonal Scrapbooking
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Reality Scrapbooking
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Disney Scrapbooking
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Pet Scrapbooking
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Christian Scrapbooking Pages
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Scrapbook Art
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Mini Album Scrapbook Idea
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Paper Crafts
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Scrapbooking Cards
Ever thought about scrapbooking cards? You know everything from putting special cards you received from people in your scrapbook to making them from scratch for special people in your life.
Heritage Scrapbooking - Researching Your Family Tree Scrapbook
Heritage scrapbooking involves understanding your own family history. Because there are often gaps in that history or puzzles to be solved, knowing how to do a genealogy search is important.
Vintage Scrapbooking
Vintage Scrapbooking seems first to be a narrow subject, in that some people may think of the Victorian era when thinking upon this term. But, obviously, if you are interested in creating a 1950s ins
Wedding Scrapbook Albums
Wedding Scrapbook Albums can hold the meaning of your wedding day in a way beyond what a normal photo book may do. After you have made copies and sent out to everyone on your list, it is finally time
Honeymoon Scrapbooking Ideas
Inspiring honeymoon scrapbooking ideas via our Honeymoon album
Honeymoon Scrapbooking Ideas Part 2
For our own honeymoon scrapbooking ideas, I took many, many photos. I think there were almost 800 or so photos at the end of our trip.
Scrapbooking as a Business
Scrapbooking as a business may be the scrapbooking hobbyist’s ultimate dream. Scrapbooking itself is a healthy-growing business industry as it has become the hobby of choice for so many ladies, as w
Journal Writing
Journal writing is an important part of the scrapbooking experience. Journal writing can take many different forms and be done for a myriad of reasons. The authors of Classic Scrapbooking, state “We
Scrapbooking Games
Scrapbooking Games-Making games out of a craft of backgrounds, themes, and embellishments.
Scrapbook Reviews
Scrapbook reviews is about this author's honest evaluation on various scrapbook products.
My Scrapblog is a mini-journal about Inspired Scrapbooking Ideas. This journal acts like a kind of message board.
My Scrapblog is a journal of everything that appears on my website as well as anything deemed important enough to share in regard to the subject of scrapbooking.
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Salt is a common seasoning in our households and in ancient times it was the difference in the length of time it took for food to rot. At that time people did not have refrigerators to keep their foo
About Me Scrapbooking
About me scrapbooking with SBI! as my partner. It is about turning my hobby into my own business and how others have done so too!
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Urban Myths regarding SBI!
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