Scrapbooking Tags – How to Scrapbook Tags in Your Layouts and More

Scrapbooking tags is like an addendum to your page, but it can be the main show as well. These pieces of paper in their different shapes and sizes, can, at the very least, make the perfect accents to your layouts.

Finding your scrapbooking tags in your local scrapbook store is possible, already made up those who have created the tags themselves on die-cut machines. If you have one of those machines, that’s fabulous. But, if like most of us, you don’t, you still can come up with your own scrapbooking tags…don’t despair.

First off – materials you will need for making your own scrapbooking tags are:

• Various cardstock pages

• A paper trimmer

• Embellishments

• Tape

• Eyelets

• An eyelet setter or a cop-a-dile (able to set eyelets as well as punch holes – excellent!)


1. First, cut the paper to the desired size. For the best results, cut the paper into a rectangle. Dimensions should probably be either 2-by-4 or 3-by-5, but feel free to create your own size. If journaling will be part of your scrapbooking tags, then, you may want to make a large scrapbooking tag. If you are maneuvering in small page spaces, then a small scrapbooking tag will do.

2. At a 45 degree angle, cut the corners off of one of the narrow ends. Most paper trimmers have a guide line for 45 degree cuts. You may want to try this method out first to make sure how much you want to take off the corners.

3. When the corners are cut off, decorate the tag to fit its use. If you will be journaling on your scrapbooking tags, you may want to put lines on the tag or stamp a desired image or title, or whatever you choose to use the scrapbooking tag for. Be very creative or keep it simple.

4. Once your scrapbooking tags are decorated, punch a hole in the middle of the narrow end with the eyelet setter (or your crop-a-dile) and then set an eyelet into your scrapbook tag. Then you can tie a piece of ribbon or embroidery floss through the eyelet to finish up your scrapbooking tag.

5. Finally, arrange your scrapbooking tags into your scrapbook layout.

Some Ideas for Using Scrapbooking Tags

1. Find a free scrapbooking tags template online or for little cost and download it for your personal use.

2. One idea would be to personalize your tags with signatures. Have your friends each sign a tag for you, for instance. This reminds me of my senior prom. I have a page in my first album of signature cards of sorts. Some of us would trade them, ending up with different classmates names as keepsakes.

prom signature cards

3. Use your tags for journaling. Small ones for names and places, large ones for lists and stories.

4. Make Your Title with tags –use a tag for each letter, as an example.

5. Make a mini scrapbook –these can come in many shapes and sizes.

6. Add photos to tags to make page elements.

7. Embellish the embellishments –decorate other accents with your scrapbooking tags.

8. Make a border with scrapbooking tags.

How did scrapbooking tags get into the picture? Supposedly, it was through crafters who wanted to mimic the look of office supplies on their pages. Other ways of acquiring scrapbooking tags include

• Any office store

• Tags off clothes you buy

• Digital photos and templates of scrapbooking tags.

autumn excursion 2010

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